Bought the tv in September 2012. In February the tv went out and would not turn back on.

Called customer service to file a complaint and was told I would get a call back from a repair man in 24-48 hours. Never got that phone call. Tv eventually came back on. Over the weekend the same thing happened.

Called customer service again to file another complaint. Was told the same thing would receive a phone call in 24-48 hours because they didn't have a repair man in my area. Since I called on a Saturday I waited until Tuesday to find out what was going on. Was again told that my complaint would be expedited because of no repair man in my area.

Told me it would be another 24-48 hours. Customer service sucks and all they do is repeat the same thing. I understand and I'm sorry for your trouble. All they do is read off of a script.

My 6 year old could do a better job.

I will continue to call them everyday until my tv is fixed. I also filed a report with the BBB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panasonic Repair.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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They repeat the same thing over and overbecause that is that rep can do...ask for a supervisor they have more info than a first line rep

Reno, Nevada, United States #645906

Basically the same tv with the same exact problems. Except mine is out of warranty by less than 3 weeks and they'd just as soon *** on me as help me get it repaired.

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