I have owned a Panasonic Viera Plasma HDTV for only 6 months when the picture went dark and required servicing. I live in a metro Pittsburgh and learned that the closest service was nearly a 1 hour drive away.

When I talked to Panasonic, I was told that they were sorry for the inconvenience and offered no other options. When I contacted them through the web, they sent me emails telling me to call the same customer service center that I had talked to the prior day. Now, I could understand if I lived in rural Alaska and needed service. I would expect to require a bush plane to obtain service.

But, really? No service providers in a metro area?

If I knew that I would have to drive to Timbuktu on $4/gallon gasoline, I would have purchased an HDTV from one of their competitors. Sadly, it probably wouldn't require service after only 6 months either.

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I know what you mean my 60" made it 4mo. and went out

they fixed it once then it started s

electrocuting with 119 volts thru the hdmi ports #1 and #3 but only after it was fixed then they tried to say its my outlet that caused it! But when tested it test fine so i know where your coming from!

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