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Very disappointing that Panasonic's Customer Service refused to honor a year old camera that has a three year warranty. The repair facility claims a small dent on the Lumix DMC 100 is somehow responsible for DUST ON THE SENSOR. The customer service department in NJ was not helpful. A BBB complaint has been filed. In addition beware that you will be charged $9.50 to simply speak to the Customer Service department. This is abominable for what was...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service attitude was argumentative
Do not,do not, l repeat do not deal with Panasonic Service Center in McAllen Texas. Lousy,lousy, lousy service. On the advice of Panasonic, I sent my new camera to the service center over an HDMI connection issue. They said turn around was 7-10 days. After 2 weeks with no contact, I tried to contact them. They refus d to answer emails, toll free number didn't answer. Finally reached using their local number. I was told that I had supposedly "...
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PanasonicTeam Thank you providing feedback regarding your experience with our repair center in McAllen, TX. We would like to research this information further for you, if you contact us usi...


Anonymous I received the same Lousy service as well. Very disgusssed with their dirty tactic blaming scratches and scuffles as abuse to void the warranty on a hc w570 camcoder that len...

I didn't like
  • Lousy customer service
  • Lousy