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I purchased a Panasonic Plasma HBTV HT-46PZ80U approx. 2 years ago.

The TV was working fine until August 4, 2011, at that time the TV would not power up, just a series of 10 red blinking lights that repeat indefinitely. I did quite a bit of trouble shooting and research on Panasonic Plasma HDTVs and more specifically my model #HT-46PZ80U. There is a wide spread problem with the power supply board that connects the HDMI inputs. I called Panasonic and was forwarded to their "Concierge Club".

After 3 attempts and 30+ minutes on hold, I was helped by a Panasonic technician. He had me unplug TV, wait 3 minutes, and then plug it back in and try to power it on. No change. He gave me a case# and referred me to a local TV repair shop.When I called them, I was told their would be a $100.00 diagnostic fee.

I was willing to pay this charge, but when I asked if Panasonic would replace the defective power supply board, they said that they did not think so. The boards cost any where from $140. to $350 depending on which board it is. I do not have a figure for the labor.

The web is full of people with the same problem as mine, the TV stops working anywhere from 15 months on out. This is not restricted to just my model.I also have a Samsung 51" LCD HDTV that is a year old than my Panasonic. About 6 months ago it shut down for no apparent reason. I contacted Samsung about the problem, THEY sent a local repairman out to my house.

He fixed the problem(bad capacitors) in under 30 minutes. No charge. He told me that Samsung would've replaced the defective regardless of the age, because the parts were defective. That's the way a company gets a repeat customer.Has anyone had any success in getting Panasonic to pay to replace defective part?

These TVs tout that they will work for something like 30,000 to 60,000 hours.

Mine, not even close. Thanks for any information and/or tips on navigating through this mess

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Subject: Panasonic Viera TV.We lost power to our home for a "split second" yesterday and, as usual, our Panasonic Viera 50" TV will not power up. Normally we have to wait 24-48 hours following even the slightest loss of power before our TV will start.

It does not matter if the TV is on or off at the time of the outage, it still takes 24-48 hours before it will power up again. Also, even if the TV is accidentally unplugged, as when my wife was vacuuming one day (yes, sometimes I vacuum too), the TV will not power up for which has become the requisite 24-48 hours.


Our Panasonic TV will not turn on after a power outage, we have to keep it unplugged for days and one time it was almost a month before it came back on.. this has happened more than once...its not fair to pay that much for a TV and it not work right..is there a recall on this??????

to Anonymous #1377243

I have same issue when power loss occurred when tv is on. It came back on after 2 days last time, but out again due to power loss. This tv is not good and I will never purchase panasonic again if not recalled.


Thank you for taking the time to provide your experience. Panasonic has just started reviewing this site. Your posting will be added to a report and reviewed to determine how we can improve our processes and personnel training.

to PanasonicTeam #1423169

Seems like that’s the standard response, but if you search the web the same problem persists for customers everywhere. Why hasn’t the technology been improved and/or recalled.

To think a tv can be sold that if for some reason the power surges you can’t use it for 24-72 hours seems ridiculous. Image if cars worked like this. Oops. Stalled my engine now have to leave it here for 24-72 hours.

Company would never continue. Shame on Panasonic for not providing better help to its customers.

My next tv most likely will not be a Panasonic. #lostaconsumer

to PanasonicTeam #1550754

I am have the same problem with my 55” , just starting doing this about 4 months ago, very annoying.


Yup, done w/Panasonic too. Panasonic VIERA TC-P42S30 42-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV.

Born Sept 2011 Died Oct 2015. Reincarnated Dec 2015. Power board dead & not replaceable. Took it to ABT in Glenview IL and they installed a used but working power board they had laying around for a total repair cost of $129.

Power board gratis but of course no warranty.

ABT a stand-up company. Panasonic a head in the sand company.


Our Panasonic 60" plasma, three years and four months old, lost video. When we turned the set off and then on, smoke poured form the back of the unit.

A loud HISSSS accompanied the smoke. Very scary. The smoke smelled quite toxic so we opened the windows after we had unplugged the set.

So far (four days), Panasonic is trying to ignore us. Nice, huh?

Mundelein, Illinois, United States #870259


Red blinking light (10) Do not use this TV that often and now it has failed. Given the age, do i put $400 or more to repair or just *** the bullet and purchase a new one?

Will not be a Panasonic.

Roseville, California, United States #850834

Panasonic has discontinued making plazma TV's. Mine die today, guess I was luck as it lasted a couple of months over two years.

Panasonic did speak to me without charge but told me to call an authorized repair service. After hearing the cost of the repair I will purchase a different brand. Just came from Sam's Club and I can purchase a VIZIO 60 for $848 bucks so screw having the Panasonic repaired.

We are like one of the earlier posts we have our 32 inch VIZIO sitting in from of our dead 60, talk about screen shock. My condolences to those who own a Panasonic as your TV days are numbered.

to Superdanman Mundelein, Illinois, United States #870261

I've got my Vizio 19" running in front of my 58" Looks like a P.I.P. LOL!

Never will purchase a Panasonic TV.

Poor service. Just like Maytag Products...***!

Canton, Ohio, United States #839079

So here's the deal..My plasma is 7 years old..had the power supply replaced once under geek squad warranty (I learned they sucked was when they called me once a week for two months to tell me they DIDN'T have a time to schedule the installation..at my house..I told them to not call me until they did have a time I didn't hear back from them until I phoned them several months later demanding it be fixed. They instructed me to take the tv 25 mins away to a repair shop..I replied if i drove it anywhere it would be to throw it through Best Buy's window..bottom line is Panasonic would send me one but wouldn't warranty it because I had sucky geek squad.) It took 6 months for a guy to show up to take the back of my tv off..7 screws out and back in and done..10 min fix!!! And NOW it's happening again..out of warranty of course..

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #822332

I have a Panasonic plasma TV model TH 42PZ77U and it is not working. The power switch is not acting, the power comes but dies immediately after few repeated repeated light blink.


I have a TC-P50G25 Panasonic Plasma... same problem as yours, 10 blinking lights.

it failed just 13 months after I bought the TV. the TV repair guy had to change 2 boards and therefore it cost 600. Panasonic was nice enough to pay back $300. 2 years later same thing.

10 blinking lights. However this time Panasonic said they do not repair 3 year old TVs. They offered a discount on a new one, but guess what... 10% discount off a 60 inch tv that is 3000.

What a joke.

I am outraged. I told them this TV has a manufacturing defect since it failed twice in 3 years, they do not care...

to hatePana Phoenix, Arizona, United States #779303

I replaced the SC board after 2 years and the board shorted out again after 13 months. Now I can't find a board and panasonic won't sell me one.

If they would sell me one it would be 170 dollars. This tv was a big disappointment.

Panasonic told me before I bought it that the problems they had been having with their sets had been fixed. Now they won't even acknowledge that there ever was a problem with any of their sets.

I'm done with anything that is panasonic....

Do yourself a favor and cut your losses with this tv.

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #938506

My 50 inch died 2 days ago.. It was 22 months old.

I've been looking for info on what to do about it. I found a site that sells the boards for approx. 65.00. It looks like an awesome site.

They also have a lot of DIY videos on youtube. And phone support etc.

I only found it today so I have not had a chance to check them out. Good luck.

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #938508

Sorry. The name of the site is ShopJimmy.com


My panasonic TC-P50S30 Plasma just blew the power supply (7 blinks of death) 2yrs 8months in. Cost to repair is approximately $3-500 for the supply and a couple more for labor.

Only paid $1000! Called Panasonic and due to the TV being over 2 years old they want to charge me $9.95 just for me to talk to them???????? Really… Not going to happen or buy a panasonic tv again. Especially when I read the posts that it just seems to happen again and again.

Bought a cheaper Samsung. Will wait for 4K tvs to come down in price and buy then.


My Panasonic 42 TCP42X5 has stopped working and it's not even a year old. It was bought in October but I opened it Christmas cause it was a gift so the year warrenty expired.

Called Panasonic a month ago they just now got back to me and said they would pay half to get it fixed. It cost 250.00 to fix it.

This is total BS!!!! Will never buy or ask for panasonic again.

Santa Monica, California, United States #725087

I have a Panasonic plasma tv model no. TC-P42G10, 2009, & after moving the cable installer got a shock when trying to attach the cable to the antenna in connection.

We found that there is 120V reading off the antenna connector. Does anyone know why this would happen?

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