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We purchased two cordless phones from a Panasonic on line dealer, Premium Store.com. Delivery time was nearly three weeks after the order was placed but given the holiday that was not nearly the worst part of the transaction.

The phones were received with no instruction manuals.

We called the dealer first to get some help but they could not provide technical support. ( That is a separate complaint) So, no problem, all manufacturers provide tech support for their products, right? Wrong!! Not Panasonic.

After nearly four hours, talking with several different people, and mailing a copy of my receipt, I was told that I had apparently received at least one defective phone because it showed an error message, "No Service", and was advised I would receive a replacement. The second phone could not be activated and I was told I would have pay a technician from a local dealer to come and connect it to our Panasonic PBX and that I could not receive any instructions because I was not a dealer.

Now, I checked on the delivery my replacement to learn that they changed their minds and in fact denied offering a replacement. Therefore no choice but to return the phones at which time I discovered from the bar code on the box label that the phones appear to be reconditioned( again part of another complaint)

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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