We had purchased a Panasonic hybrid phone system from this company after ours was hit by lightning and destroyed.When we hired a local company to come and install the unit, it was set up and plugged in.

It would not turn on.

KX-TD.com was contacted. We were told too bad so sad. No refunds and no exchaged after 5 days of receipt.

It took 5 days to get someone here to install the unit!! We sent the unit back. They accepted it, but still refuse to refund our money or give us a new working unit. This company will send you defective merchandise.

They have a no refund policy.

When you return the defective merchandise, they will accept it, keep it, NOT REPLACE it and keep your money too!!BUYER BEWARE!!!


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Thats why PBX vendors are douchebags, get a centrex from your local telco. It may be more money, but if it breaks they have to fix it because its their equipment.

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