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I have a 2 year old Panasonic DVD recorder with built in TVGOS that worked fine until just before the digital conversion, then the listings quit. (TVGOS Works just like TIVO except it is free) I have contacted Panasonic, Concast Cable, and ROVI [Was Macrovision], they produce the data.

All blame the other for no listings. But nothing gets fixed. I first complained 7/7/09 it is now 10/30/09 still no listings so the recorders function is crippled. If you have a similar complaint Please contact Michale Finney of ABC 7 on your side.

If he hears from enough people He will get the transmissions fixed. copy and paste the URL below to reach him.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide your experience. Panasonic has just started reviewing this site. Your posting will be added to a report and reviewed to determine how we can improve our processes and personnel training.


Based on what you wrote, I am assuming that you are getting your television viewing from an over the air (antenna) broadcast.

If that is the case, you TV Guide function will not work anymore because the data to populate the guide came from an "analog" PBS channel. Obviously, there is no longer any analog broadcast and the unfortunate part is that the TV Guide system was not designed to function on the 8VSB system for digital TV.

Anyway, the TV Guide system will probably work again if you utilize a direct analog Cable feed to your TV since PBS still has an analog delivery on that system.

Hope this was helpful even though it doesn't resolve your issue.


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