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I'm really disappointed on Panasonic customer care and product support.

I've bought a wireless telephone model: TG2361JX which has lots of features but is NOT a reliable phone due to poor design:

1- It doesn't work on power failure, WHY?!

They recommend having a standard phone in addition to your device. I think it is not a good solution. You could have put a battery in it so that I wouldn't need another unit.

2-Whenever power cuts I need to set the date and time again! So, as it's an answering machine, when I COME HOME AFTER A MISSION OR SO, AND I WANT TO REVIEW MY MESSAGES, T SEE WHO HAS CALLED AND WHEN, IT ASKES FOR DATE AND TIME!!! AAAAAAH VERY DISAPPIONTING!!! I wonder why I should set the date and time again and again while the handsets have batteries in.

These are the basics and most important features for a standard phone. Other features are useful while these basics are available all the time. Imagine a mobile phone with a very good built-in camera which can't access the network properly or its battery flats in a short time. What a useless device!


I've contacted the local support at Middle East couple of times but they didn't replied. Then I contacted the main customer care dept. at Japan and finally they passed me again to the local customer care but this time they replied and I discussed the problem with their technicians and convinced them that the product has a problem in its design and asked to replace m unit with a new model without that fault. From that time on, they didn't contact me and didn't reply to my messages and AS I CONTACTED THE MAIN CUSTOMER CARE DEPT AT JAPAN, THEY DIDN'T REPLY NEITHER!! I'M SORRY THAT I BOUGHT THIS PHONE.

Review about: Panasonic Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide your experience. Panasonic's American group has just started reviewing this site.

Please use the below link to reach out to support in your country.




The voice problem can be fixed for a replacement of the voice system with a compatible one with your local telecom system.

I've had this problem and they changed the voice circuit for me and the problem is gone now. That's why I didn't comment on this shortcomming in my previous posts here.

Hope this helps



i have the same telph.model .i got a problem at mic voice when i'm taking to any other telephone they didn't hear me well and my voice going so quite .may any one advice me how to adjust my mic voice level ?


thank you Tom for your review,

A cordless phone can have an ordinary handset on the base unit 9like many other manufacturers including some other models of Panasonic) so that it can work in case of power cut. OR the base unit can have a back up battery to keep the phone working in case of power cut. Some features can be disabled to increase battery life while poerw is gone.


I don't know which bachup battery you're talking about as there isn't any in the base unit. You could have taken a look to the device details before making this comment. Furtheremore, if you have time to set date and time agaain and again, well, I don't and that's why I took an answering system which is supposed to keep records of incomming calls.

Regarding money,

Although I've paied 150$ for this phone and I bought it from its main seller which I'm sure about the price, I can't still find it cheaper than 80$.


First of all, the TG2361JX is a cordless phone. So, unless you are running a generator of some sort to power the adapter for the base unit, NO cordless phone will work in a power outage. :roll

Having a "standard" or corded phone has been a suggested method for MANY years, and by MANY manufacturers - not JUST Panasonic.

Secondly, the battery backup battery needs to be replaced regularly (unless, you didn't put one in to begin with) and can solve some of these problems. But having to reset the date and time after power is restored isn't rocket science.

If you want better than this phone has to offer (it's a very reliable phone when used properly) then I suggest you may spend about twice what these go for...about $80 USD.

Better yet, buy yourself a cell phone. :x

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