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BE WARNED -bought a panasonic DMC-ZS20 and was loving it. Accidentally dropped my camera.

Called knowing it would not be covered. They offered to fix still if I sent it in. I paid to ship it. They get it, then call me days later and tell me it is going to cost $180 just to see whats wrong and to pay before they even look at it..WHAT.

I confirm what I just heard 3 to 4 times. Asked for managers....put on hold, told no manager available as he stepped out. I asked for them to send my camera back. I have done survey on phone twice and one online giving worst ratings.

They havent contacted me and really don't seem to care. Been over 3 weeks, yet to receive my camera, called talked to 3 rude people, put on to lengthy holds, NO managers available again. They sent my camera to postage place that I mailed my package from. Was hung up on again.

Called postage place they said they got this in a week ago and it just had my name on it. He doesnt know me, he was just getting ready to mail back. What were they thinking. THIS WRITEUP DOES NOT DO JUSTICE TO WHAT AND HOW PANASONIC'S CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS TREATED ME.

THE MORE DETAILS I WRITE THE MORE MY BLOOD PRESSURE GOES UP AND AS A CHRISTIAN WOMAN I AM LOOSING MY WITNESS EVERYTIME I TALK TO THEM. So sad what customer service has come to. I will not lie....I LOVED the camera....thats why I sent it to them specifically to fix. If they would have just told me that out of warranty they charge a flat fee of $180 whether its a 5 dollar or 200 dollar fix from the very first call.....none of this would be happening and I could have given a local camera company business to fix (if not to expensive of course).

My husband got on phone with Panasonic while I was typing this and he was able to get an assistant manager by the name of Andre W. He shared what he has been watching his wife go through and then I got to then talk with Andre. Andre was the first person to listen and agree that the ball was dropped from the first phone call and the person should have given me the flat fee amount for my camera not covered by warranty and also sending it to postage place was wrong too. He is going to be speaking to his management and someone will contact me in 48 hours.

My husband told him we dont want anything from them other than treating the next customer right. I got to then talk with Andre, I told him I know my husband said we dont want anything from panasonic but I would be lying if after all this if they sent me a new camera I would keep it. But after saying that I told him what I really want is a sincere apology and for their customers to be treated different. Its sad what customer service has become.

We need to treat people like they matter....CAUSE THEY DO. WE WILL REAP WHAT WE SEW. (p.s.


Review about: Panasonic Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $302.

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The worst company I have ever had to deal with !

Let me explain.

I bought a 42" LCD Panasonic in February of 2015 even though I was advised to go with a Samsung or LG. I had a Panasonic in the past so I decided to go ahead with the same company. 10 months into having this product 2 of my HDMI inputs no longer work. I call customer service to get it fixed, since I'm still on the warranty.

I'm then told that since my TV is under 46" I have to bring it to the repair store that they provide which is 30 minutes from my home. I call the store I'm then advised it'll take a MINIMUM of 10 days.

Here's where I have an issue, why should I have to go out of my way to bring my product that is still under warranty and have to wait at least 10 days ! I'm a single mother with 2 young children and live on the second floor. So I would have to find someone to put it in my car, have someone watch my children AND pay for my gas.

This is unacceptable . I have spoken to 3 different employees including a supervisor and there's nothing they can do. I've been told I should've read the fine print on my warranty.

Explain to me why I should pay for any of this when it's your product that is defective??

Any parent can tell you how crucial it is to have a working TV with young children to get anything done around the house. Panasonic you should be ashamed of yourselves for treating your loyal customers this way.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #699790

I'm shocked you were actually able to get a real person. I've been calling for over an hour to get them to stop sending me emails.

I made the mistake of asking about my screwed-up pana. blu ray player, they not only didn't answer my question online, other than tell me to unplug it and plug it back in. When I tried to respond, I got an email stating that my response had violated their community guidelines...all I did was tell them my I gave up. Ever since, I am bombarded with emails from them re that product, saying "can you answer this question?" I've tried every way imaginable to stop the emails.

I even called repeatedly today.

When I've finally gotten a real person, I get, "Sure I can help you with that, hold on," and the phone rings forever until it finally just hangs up. I have two of their blu ray players, one of which actually works, but I will NEVER buy another panasonic product because of this.

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